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     Mrs. Ellen Grohowski                                                         
     Grade 2                                 
    Room 105
Welcome to 2nd Grade!   
                                  A Peek at The Week
                                                                       January 26 - 30
-School Store is scheduled for Tuesday of this week.
-The Second Marking Period ends January 29th.  Can you 
believe we are halfway through the school year?!  Time is
flying by!
Math: We will take the mid-year Math Benchmark Assessment this week.
            We will also begin adding three-digit numbers.
 *Please continue to practice your addition and subtraction facts each night.*

We will be taking the mid-year Project Read Assessment throughout the week, so there will be no new spelling list or spelling test this week.
We will continue learning about diphthongs next week.
A diphthong is 2 vowels together that make a special sound.  It's not a long vowel sound or a short vowel sound - just different. So far we have learned about [oo].  [oo] has 2 sounds like in boo and book.
We will be taking the Benchmark Reading Assessment this week. 
In our Guided Reading Groups we will read books about animals and animal adaptations.  As we read, we will learn about using non - fiction text features to help with comprehension. We will also use context clues to help us figure out the meaning of words.
Science:  We are learning about animals.  We will learn about animal groups, animal adaptations, and animal life cycles. This week we will learn about birds.

Health:  We will learn about being active listeners.