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     Mrs. Ellen Grohowski                                                         
     Grade 2                                 
    Room 105
Welcome to 2nd Grade!   

A Peek at the Week
October 27 - 31
*Red Ribbon Week*
Monday: Wear Red
Tuesday: Wear Western Gear
Wednesday: Sport Team Gear
Thursday: Wear Sunglasses
Friday: Halloween! Wear your costume!
Math - This week we will begin learning how to add 2-digit numbers!
Keep practicing your addition and subtraction facts each night! 
Reading: We will learn about story elements: character, setting,  problem, solution, and author's message.
 In our Guided Reading groups, we will read books on our individual levels. 
We will discuss the characters and setting in our stories and try to identify the main problem and solution. 
Please practice the following sight words:        
                             goes         green         its         made      many
Spelling -   We will learn about the magic e (silent e). 
Please practice reading and spelling words with a silent e at the end.
(Our skill test will be on Friday, Oct. 31st)

Science- We will learn about matter: solids, liquids, and gases.
Health - We will have an assembly on Monday ~ Keeping Children Healthy, Safe, and Drug Free.
The students will learn about consequences, the difference between telling and tattling, how to listen to your inner voice, learn skills to make good healthy choices, and how to resist peer pressure.  
On Wednesday the school guidance counselor will visit our classrooms as well!