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     Mrs. Ellen Grohowski                                                         
     Grade 2                                 
    Room 105
Welcome to 2nd Grade!   
Holocaust Remembrance Day
is Thursday, April 16th.
                           Hooray!  It feels like Spring has finally Sprung!!
                                         A Peek at The Week
                                                                             April 13 - 17
Math: We will begin Chapter 9 in our math books - Data Analysis (Graphs) - This week we will learn about taking a survey, making tally tables, and making and analyzing picture graphs.
 *Please continue to practice your addition and subtraction facts each night.*

We will read and spell words with the diphthongs au, aw, and also augh.  Our test will be Friday April 17. 
There will be no main story this week.  Instead, we will complete Reading Benchmark Test 3.
In our guided reading groups, we will read shorter non-fiction passages and look closely at them.  (Close Reading)

Social Studies:  We are learning about geography and map skills. Prior to the break we began learning about the continents and oceans.  On Monday, I will be sending home a copy of a world map with the oceans and continents labeled.  Please help your child practice locating and naming the oceans and continents.  Next week we will have a test on this information. 
We are also learning about different landforms.  This week we will make a poster showing different landforms including mountains, valleys, plains, rivers, lakes, islands, peninsulas, and caves.