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     Mrs. Ellen Grohowski                                                         
     Grade 2                                 
    Room 105
Welcome to 2nd Grade!   

A Peek at the Week
October 20 - 24
Math - We will learn more about even numbers. We will also review equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays.  On Thursday we will take the Chapter 2 Test.
Reading: Our class story is Two Mice. We will learn about comparing and contrasting two different things.
 In our Guided Reading groups, we will read books on our individual levels. 
We will practice asking questions as we read.
Please practice the following sight words:        
                                       goes      green      its      made      many   

Spelling -   We will learn about the bossy R.  The bossy r is polite, since it lets the vowel go first. It is also bossy, because it controls the vowel sound. (ar, er, ir, ur, or)
Please practice reading and spelling words with the bossy r
Our skill test will be on Friday, Oct. 24th.

Science- We will learn about matter: solids, liquids, and gases.
Health - We will learn about having a peaceful and productive "Pax" classroom.