Early Closing Information

An early closing may be announced if weather conditions worsen during the day.  Our emergency phone notification system will be used to call you at the numbers you provided for daytime as well as home, however, if the weather gets worse after your child has left for school, we also recommend that you keep checking this web site, our Facebook page or our Twitter feed @MTSDnews, or listen to the radio, for early closing information.  You and your child should have a plan in case he or she gets home before you, especially in winter weather.

Emergency early closing dismissal times will usually be as follows but may occur at any time:

High School
11:10 AM

Middle School
11:40 AM

Regional Day
12:45 PM

12:20 PM

12:50 PM

12:50 PM

PM pre-school is cancelled in the event of an emergency early closing.  All sports and after-school activities are also cancelled.

NOTE:  This information is for emergency early closings only and may not apply to scheduled early dismissal days - check your school's web pages for scheduled early dismissal day information.