Thank you Manchester Police Department!


The Manchester Township Elementary School would like to give a big thank you to the Manchester Police Department for their presentation to the third grade students of MTES. Organized by Captain Lisa Parker and Officer Christian Nazario, four stations were set up outside of the elementary school to teach the students about specialized units within the police department.

            The first station was presented by Sergeant Christopher Hemhauser and Detective Rob Maccaquano of the Manchester Police Department. At this station, the officers discussed fingerprints and how they are imperative to solving crimes. Students were then able to examine their finger prints under a magnifying glass to identify which type they had.

            The second station was led by Officer Christopher Cerullo of the Manchester Police Department. Officer Cerullo is also the High School Human Resource Officer at Manchester Township High School. The kids were fascinated with the SUV patrol car especially with the computer system that was located inside the vehicle. Officer Cerullo also showed students important tools that police officers use daily to assist people in emergencies. The students loved trying on the items.

            The third station was conducted by Officer Matt Juralewicz. The officer showed the third grade students the Humvee vehicle that police officers use to respond to emergencies that regular police cars cannot get to. He explained the different technology that police officers are capable of using to locate missing people.  Students were able to sit in the specialized vehicle as well as learn about the different features inside.

            The fourth station was directed by Officer Christian Nazario of the Manchester Police Department. Officer Nazario spoke about the importance of the SWAT team and demonstrated how to use different types of SWAT equipment such as shields, helmets and other protective gear. Students were very surprised at how much the items weighed especially the shield. Officer Nazario also let the students sit inside the SWAT truck as he demonstrated how the team uses a remote control robot with a camera to detect any danger in certain situations.

All of the stations gave students a well-rounded view into what it is like to be a police officer as well as the different types of jobs they can potentially have if they choose to go into a law enforcement career. We are so grateful for the time these individuals gave to come and speak to the students at MTES.