Thank you Manchester Police Department and Ocean County Sheriff's Department!

The Manchester Township ElementarySchool would like to give a big thank you to the Manchester Police Departmentand Ocean County Sheriff’s Department for their presentation to the third gradestudents. Organized by Captain Lisa Parker, four stations were set up outsideof the elementary school to teach the MTES third grade students aboutspecialized units within a police department.

            The firststation was presented by Detective Christopher Hemhauser of the Manchester PoliceDepartment. At this station, students learned about the Humvee vehicle thatpolice officers use to respond to emergencies that regular police cars cannotget to. Students were able to sit in the specialized vehicle as well as learnabout the different features inside. Detective Hemhauser also addressed theimportance of internet safety and gave tips on how each student can stay safeonline. Students left with a coloring book to share what they have learned withtheir family and friends.

            The secondstation was led by Officer Ian Bole of the Manchester Police Department.Officer Bole showed students around the SUV patrol car. Students were amazed atthe computer system that was located inside the vehicle. Officer Boledemonstrated and allowed students to use the PA system and sirens. He alsoshowed students important tools that police officers use daily such as flaresand crowbars to assist people in emergencies. He also described the differenttools on a police officer’s uniform.   

            The thirdstation was conducted by two crime scene investigators from the Ocean CountySheriff’s Department, Sergeant Jamie Phillips and Sergeant Valerie Seiser. Bothofficers discussed fingerprints and how they are imperative to solving crimes.Sergeant Phillips and Sergeant Seiser discussed the three types of fingerprintsa person could have. They also discussed how to avoid being a victim of a crimeby always making sure to put valuables in a safe place and to always rememberto lock your house and car doors. Janyra from Miss Wettengel’s class said “Itwas great seeing two real crime scene investigators because they taught me howthey use fingerprints to figure out who committed the crime. In the future, Iwant to be a crime scene investigator just like Sergeant Phillips and SergeantSeiser.” All students were very inspired by each presentation.

            The fourthstation was directed by Officer Christian Nazario of the Manchester PoliceDepartment. Officer Nazario spoke about the importance of the SWAT team anddemonstrated how to use different types of SWAT equipment such as shields,helmets and other protective gear. Students were very surprised at how much theitems weighed especially the shield. Officer Nazario also let the students sitinside the SWAT truck as he demonstrated how the team uses a remote control robotwith a camera to detect any danger in certain situations.

            Also inattendance was Manchester High School’s Resource Officer, Officer ChristopherCerullo. Officer Cerullo visited each station to introduce himself to all thethird grade students. Officer Cerullo has visited Manchester Elementary Schoolfrequently throughout the year to ensure all safety procedures were executed inthe most efficient way possible.

All of the stations gave students awell-rounded view into what it is like to be a police officer as well as thedifferent types of jobs they can potentially have if they choose to go into alaw enforcement career. Brennan concluded the day by saying “being a policeofficer must be hard work!” We are so grateful for the time these individuals gaveto come and speak to the students at MTES.


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