Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Manchester Township High School, students are required to successfully complete the following courses:
  • Four years of English (20 credits)
  • Three years of Math (15 credits)
  • Three years of Science (15 credits)
  • Three credit years of Social Studies (including World Cultures, US History I, US History II) (15 credits)
  • One year of Health/Physical Education for each year of enrollment (5-20 credits)
  • One year of World Language (5 credits)
  • One half year of Personal Financial Literacy (2.5 credits)
  • One year of Visual and Performing Arts (5 credits)


Class of 2015 In addition to the above-listed curricular requirements, all public school students will have to pass the NJ High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) in reading, writing and mathematics as a requirement for graduation.

Class of 2016, 2017, and 2018 In addition to the above listed requirements, all public school students will have to pass the PARCC in one section of English and in one section of Math or meet the requirements listed below:
SAT >= 400 or

ACT >= 16 or

Accuplacer Write Placer >= 6 or
Accuplacer Elementary Algebra >= 76 or
PSAT >= 40 or

ACT Aspire >= 422 or

ASVAB-AFQT >=31 or

Meet the Criteria of the NJDOE Portfolio Appeal

Credit shall be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the entire course. The student must achieve a numerical average of 70 or better as the final average. The student must also adhere to the State of New Jersey’s mandatory attendance laws. Students who exceed 20 unexcused absences will not receive credit in the course(s).
Numerical grades are given at the end of each 9 week marking period. Below is the grading system:

93-100= A
85-92 = B
76-84 = C
70-75 = D
69-Below = F