The junior year is an important year to create plans for a career path.  Students should consider applying to college, lining up work, or getting specific training at a vocational/technical school.  Students are encouraged to meet with their counselors periodically to evaluate progress and to develop educational and vocational plans.
  • Scheduling begins during the month of February.  Students receive their Course of Studies booklet and the course selection process is discussed during a classroom presentation given by a counselor.  The importance of exploring opportunities, future plans and making informed decisions about course selection is stressed.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to call their child’s guidance counselor if they have any scheduling questions or concerns.

PowerSchool Scheduling Procedure


  1. Log onto the Parent Portal.
  2. Click on Class Registration.
  3. Follow the prompts in each of the subject fields.
  4. Click on the pencil to reveal the choices in each field (there may be more than one page of choices, particularly for juniors and seniors).
  5. Be prepared to choose at least 3 alternate elective choices (more for upperclassmen).
  6. Once you have chosen the correct number of first choice and alternate credits, submit.
  7. Registration is complete when you view a list of course selections and alternate selections.
  8. If you are having any problems w/submission, see your guidance counselor.

Scheduling tips for College Bound Students

Calendar of Events

College and Career Planning