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  • First Annual Art Show

    Posted by Nikki Mazur at 4/8/2014
    Kudos to you, Mrs. Ventriello and our talented Ridgeway students.  You have all proven yourselves to be wonderful artists.  Tonight's Art Show was a big success.  Thank you to the parents and families who came out to appreciate all the art work.  We are very lucky to have such a fantastic art teacher.  Thanks for all you did to make this first Art Show a fun-filled evening. Also thanks to our friends at the Manchester Branch of the Ocean County Library.  We appreciate your support.  One student asked me which piece was my favorite and I truly had to reply, "All of them!"  The art work will be on display for the remainder of the month. Enjoy.
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  • Outdoor Recess

    Posted by Nikki Mazur at 3/27/2014
    Before you know it, our students will be outside enjoying the playground during our recess times.  This is the time to remind the children about safety rules and making good choices. Here are a few ideas that would spark a great conversation about playground procedures:
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.
    • Ridgeway School is a positive learning place and we use positive, respectful language.
    • Remember personal space.
    • Use your words to communicate how you feel.
    • Practice being a good listener.
    • The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.
    • If you are uncomfortable with something that a classmate says or does, tell an adult.
    • Be respectful when you are using playground equipment.  Take turns and make sure that you are safe and your friends are safe.
    • If you are traveling without your class, you must have a pass.
    • Lunch aides and lunch duty teachers are the first people to go to for assistance at lunch or during recess.
    • Have fun, but make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.
    • You break it, you fix it!  This includes broken hearts!  Use your words wisely.

    Happy Spring!  Parents, please talk to your children and remind them that safety comes first.      




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  • Barnes and Noble Night

    Posted by Nikki Mazur at 3/14/2014
    Thanks to our families and students for making our Barnes and Noble Night a huge success.  A special note of appreciation to our staff and our Literacy Coach, Mrs. Nichols who did an outstanding job.  It was so much fun to see everyone enjoying the activities, supporting the fundraiser, and promoting the love of reading.
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  • Program Changes Due to Snow

    Posted by Nikki Mazur at 3/4/2014
    With Monday's snow day and today's delay, we have changed the Book Fair schedule so that all students will have sufficient time to browse and buy.  The Book Fair will now be held tomorrow, Wednesday, March 5th through Tuesday, March 11th. 
    The Laser Light Show has been rescheduled from the original date to March 13th.
    Spring Photos will be held on March 10th and March 11th.
    Crestwood Symphonette will be held on April 9th.
    The Child ID Program will be held on May 29th. 
    A Heart Healthy Assembly will be held for fifth graders on June 2nd.
    Skydome has been rescheduled to June 20th, from it's original date.
    A special thanks to our PTA Coordinators for planning these events and thank you also to the many volunteers who have been flexible with all the weather-related changes. Spring is coming soon!
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