About the Business Office

The Business Office handles payroll, benefits, accounts payable, purchasing, and other budget and finance matters for the district, under the direction of Business Administrator, Craig Lorentzen, C.P.A.  Mr. Lorentzen also serves as the Board of Education Secretary.

Business Office Address:

121 Rt. 539, P.O. Box 4100
Whiting, NJ 08759 
Phone: 732-350-5900 

Contact Information 

Business Administrator's Office 

Craig Lorentzen, C.P.A.
Business Administrator/BOE Secretary
Email: clorentzen@manchestertwp.org
Phone: 732-350-5900
Donna Roberts
Administrative Assistant
Email: droberts@manchestertwp.org
Phone: 732-849-2818 

Accounts Payable Office

Mary Rumble
Phone: 732-849-2853
Theresa McWeeney
Phone: 732-849-2852
Accounts Payable Fax: 732-350-5703


Dorothy Hayes
Phone: 732-849-2816 
Fax: 732-350-0436


Theresa Cavalcante
Email: tcavalcante@manchestertwp.org 
Phone: 732-849-2817
Fax: 732-716-0599


Amy Wurst
Phone:  732-350-5900