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*FIRST Nationals payment is due TODAY! :)

Game Day Packing List!

Remember each of these items need to be in your “blue/black cheerleading book bag” at EVERY home and away game REGARDLESS of the weather!


1. Uniform Skirt/shell if you are not wearing them on the bus (you should already be wearing them if you are coming to a home game)

·      Please make sure you throw something over the uniform to protect it while you are not actively cheering at the game.

2. White and Gold bows (yes, you need to have BOTH)

3. Warm-ups (Top and Bottom)

4. WHITE team sweatshirt

5. Pom poms

6. Small travel size umbrella-RAIN JACKET

7. Gloves (any style, but they must be all-black) ***October and November Games***


Just a reminder: When sending in checks, they are ALWAYS written out to MTHSCPO, it doesn't matter what the payment is for, they all go through our team account before they are sent out to individual companies! Also, can you write in your cheerleader's name and purpose for the payment in the memo slot on the check...it helps us organize the book-keeping! 
QUESTIONS: Email Coach Ferrone at dferrone@manchestertwp.org
UCA Nationals February 4th-9th 2015
Please continue to work on finding business sponsors! Hand them in as soon as you get them! Don't wait!!!
"TEAMWORK: It is amazing what happens when no one cares who gets the credit!"