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MTES Celebrates 20 Years

New mural is displayed The students and staff of MTES celebrated the 20th anniversary of the school's opening at a recent assembly program.  MTES opened its doors on February 23, 1992 and remains the district's newest school after 20 years.
The entire student body gathered in the school's all-purpose room for the program, with students and staff dressed in white t-shirts commemorating the anniversary with the slogan Leave a Lasting Impression.  Principal Marjorie Stevens introduced guest speakers including former principal Dr. Frances Scudese, Superintendent David Trethaway, and BOE President Donald Webster, Jr.  Mrs. Denise Van Rye presided over student presentations of items for a time capsule, and there was a slide presentation with photos from then and now. A new mural featuring the MTES Dragon with all of the students and staff's fingerprints was created to commemorate the anniversary.  It will join murals from past classes hanging on the walls of the all-purpose room.
At the end of the day, students joined together to sing "MTES is Our Starting Place."