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MS Musical Photos

Cast performs at rehearsal
Manchester Township Middle School Drama Club presented Disney's Aladdin, Jr. on  March 23 & 24 in the Manchester Township High School Auditorium.  

Comments from Aladdin Director, Mrs. Claire Rutz:

Aladdin, Jr. is a delightful Disney classic featuring upbeat music and a charming love story. The deeper message found in the play is to value honesty, individuality, and friendship.  Each year, I select several musicals from which the students choose. The choices reflect the known talent available for the prospective shows.This year, we have excellent vocal talent and personalities that fill the bill for Aladdin. One of the most challenging roles is that of "Genie."   Our 7th grader, Darius W., has the comic timing and personality to masterfully handle this role.  His brother, 8th grader Demetrius, is a very convincing and talented actor as the villain, Jafar.  Most of the leads are 8th graders including Abby H. as Jasmine, Jason M. as Aladdin, Natalie K. as Iago, and Zach T. as the Sultan.  In addition to the more familiar leads , the junior version includes 4-5 narrators that help to move the plot along and tie the story together.  These narrators have many short songs and would be considered leading roles. Therefore, the selection allows many students the opportunity to experience the thrill of a leading role. Our four narrators include eighth graders Danielle G., Alexis Claire K., Natasha M., , and 7th grader Kristen N.

The cast and crew total approximately 90 students.  The crew for the Drama Club is called "Stage Brains." Under the guidance of music teacher, Mrs. Condardo, this group supports the performers in creating set pieces, props, and working behind the scenes during the show.  This year, in addition to helping with building sets, English teacher, Mrs. Slater, has served as a business manager which has been a tremendous aid to the smooth running of the club. Approximately, ten other teachers at the Middle School volunteer their time to help with the production on performance nights, so it truly is a labor of love for MTMS.

The kids at Manchester Township Middle School are amazingly talented, and so very funny! I really enjoy working with them.  They work hard, do their best, and in the end, they develop a great sense of teamwork.  The students are ready, and just can't wait to get on stage at Manchester Township High School to "Wow" their audiences.  I know they will, and I can't wait to see them shine!