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BOE President's Report April 2018

State/Federal Issues

We continue to monitor education related legislation and regulations that may impact Manchester. On the state level, the Legislature continued its focus on the committee hearings related to the proposed state budget for 2018-2019, bills related to school safety & security, gun control measures, nutrition programs for our students, and proposals to expand pre-kindergarten slots in the state.

On the federal front, Congress has continued to hold hearings on school safety & security, federal budget issues related to 2018-2019, and the overhaul of several education related laws including IDEA, Carl Perkins Vocational Education, and the National School Lunch Program, which all need to be reauthorized.

Manchester School District

No activity since our last meeting mainly due to our Spring Break period and my attendance at the NSBA Delegate Assembly & Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

NJ School Boards Association (NJSBA)

On 3/27, I chaired a New School Security Task Force Meeting in Trenton. The purpose of this new task force is to review and update our previous school security report and recommendations entitled "What Makes Schools Safe," which was issued in 2014. This action was initiated as a result of the most recent school shooting in Florida. We discussed everything from physical safety barriers, mental health & guidance programs, social emotional learning (SEL), emergency communications, school security personnel, school safety drills, and lockdown & evacuation strategies. An additional meeting is planned in the near future to discuss cyber security, staff training, and computerized school data security (hacking & ransomware) before we develop our updated recommendations. We hope to be able to issue an updated report and recommendations by the end of June.

I attended the National School Boards Association (NSBA) Delegate Assembly and Convention in San Antonio, Texas on 4/6-4/9/18 at no cost to the district. At the Delegate Assembly, we passed Believe Statements and Resolutions covering school safety & security, federal funding, equity and equality in our education programs and services, ESSA related regulation issues, and cyber security issues. We heard from Keynote Speakers including former pro football Hall of Fame quarterback and sports commentator Terry Bradshaw, ABC News White House Correspondent Ann Compton, and the former US HUD Secretary and the former Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro. All of these individuals spoke about education, politics and the life lessons they have learned. I also attended several training sessions during the convention concerning school safety & security, social emotional learning (SEL) and guidance related to digital learning for our schools in the future. Finally, we elected Mr. Frank Pugh of California to serve as the new NSBA President for 2018-2019.

On 4/12, I chaired the Non-College Bound Student Learners Task Force Meeting in Trenton. At this meeting, we heard from representatives of the State Business and Industry Council and our State Trade Unions. Our subcommittees had an opportunity to continue their individual topic discussions and they begin to formulate their recommendations and committee reports.

On 4/14, I attended and participated in the Resolutions Subcommittee Meeting in Trenton in the absence of our Association President. The purpose of my attendance was to introduce and answer any questions the subcommittee had concerning the "School Safety & Security Resolution" adopted by the State Officer's and approved by the Board of Directors for consideration by our local school board members at our upcoming Delegate Assembly in May.

Sustainable Jersey

On 3/22, I participated in a Trustees meeting at TCNJ. Because of the bad weather, we held an abbreviated meeting. At the meeting we reviewed and approved the financial statements and the bill list, introduced and welcomed a new trustee, discussed upcoming events for the organization and agreed to our next meeting date.

Education Leadership Foundation of NJ (ELF NJ)

No activity since our last meeting.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Manchester Township Board of Education is scheduled to be held on May 9 at the Ridgeway Elementary School with the public portion of the meeting beginning at 7:30 PM.