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SEL Resources

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District SEL Resources Folder
This folder contains presentations and documents from district PD workshops, including mindfulness videos from Sarah Stevenson for both students and staff.

Mindfulness Video for Staff #1

Sarah Stevenson created this video for our staff. We asked that she focus on self-care and self-affirmation. 

Find additional videos in our SEL Resources folder. Presentations emphasize the following: 

  1. Staff members need to remember that they are making a difference in the lives of their students - albeit remotely. 
  2. Be proud of themselves for their efforts. Many staff members have made giant leaps with technology, but many have also supported their colleagues on this journey by providing resources and emotional support. 
  3. Adaptability - Education is always changing, but no one could have been prepared for a worldwide pandemic. All of our staff members have demonstrated resilience and perseverance throughout this difficult time. 

We thank Sarah for these wonderful resources to support our staff.