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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Close Reading Resource:

Learning Patterns

Content-Neutral Cross-Curricular

Teaching Strategies For Every Classroom

Poetry Annotation Resources:

You can adapt these to work in your classrooms

How to Read and Annotate Poetry - handout from San Francisco State University

6-Step Annotation Guide - handout from Rowland HS in CA

Other poetry resources:

Exploring Poetic Elements - video from You do need to register, but registration is free and you can use your school email. Also, the videos do work at school.

Approaches to Poetry: Pre-Reading Strategies - This video has students examining the words of the poem out of order to get a sense of tone, mood and perhaps theme. The same effect could be accomplished with a word cloud as the starting point.

20 Poems and Activities that Meet the Common Core Standards and Cultivate a Passion for Poetry - This is a free resource from Heinemann. While it was originally targeted for middle grades, it can certainly be adapted up or down as needed.

Dream in Color - A high school teacher resource guide from the Poetry Foundation, sponsored by Target, looks especially promising for English 10.

Read Like a Reader, Read Like a Writer

This interesting guide by Steve Peha (available on the English Companion Ning) shows how kids should read like both a reader and a writer.