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District Calendar

Add Your Event to our Calendar!

Use the REQUEST AN EVENT icon to request that your event be added to the calendar. See instructions here.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jun 25
Mon, Jun 26
Tue, Jun 27
Wed, Jun 28
Thu, Jun 29
Fri, Jun 30
Sat, Jul 1

Calendar Help

District vs. School Calendars

The main district calendar page displays a monthly grid view of all events throughout the district. The school website calendars display events for that school only plus district-wide events.

Filter the Calendar

You may filter the calendar by clicking on the filter icon Filter icon at the top right of the calendar. Select the calendars you want to view and click apply. You may view any combination of school and district calendars.

Search with List View

To see a searchable list view of the calendar, click on the list view icon list view iconat the top left of the calendar. On this page, you can search for events by keyword or date range. List view is a better option than grid view on a mobile device.

Need to Print?

Our district calendar is so full of events that it may be difficult to print. To help with this, we now have a PRINT CALENDAR icon that will give you a print-friendly version. We suggest you filter out any calendars you don't need before you print. Because of the large number of events, you may have to print on multiple pages.

Print calendar icon

More options for printing:

Use your snip/capture tool to capture a screenshot of the calendar for printing.

Go to Week or List view to print.