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Book List

Book List

A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue 

by Julia Cook
Impulsivity, tattling
Helps children learn about "tattling" vs. "telling"

How to Take the GRRRR Out of Anger 

by Verdick & Lisovskis
Anger management

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Mud and Rainbows

by Howard Binkow & Susam F. Cornelison
A story about making the most of what life hands you- appropriate for any negative life situation or separation/divorce

I Bet.. I Won't Fret 

by Timothy Sisemore
Dealing with anxiety

I'm Telling the Truth- A First Look at Honesty

by Pat Thomas
Helps children learn the importance of telling the truth, even when someone happens that could get them in trouble

Is a Worry Worrying You? 

by Ferida Wolff
Dealing with anxiety

Me First

by Helen Lister
For children who always insist on being "first"- the main character finds that being first is not always best

Mr. Peabody's Apples

by Madonna
Rumors/Gossip A wonderful story about gossip, rumors, and the power of words

My Life Turned Upside Down, But I Turned It Rightside Up 

by Field & Shore
Divorce, living in two homes

My Mouth is a Volcano

by Julia Cook
Impulsivity, interrupting
A child learns to control his outbursts and his tendency to interrupt

Our Friendship Rules

by Peggy Moss & Dee Dee Tardif
Characters in the story learn the value of friendship, and about how to rebuild a friendship that has broken apart. Regret and making things right are important elements of the story.

Siblings: You're Stuck With Each Other...

by Elizabeth Verdick
Full title: Siblings: You're Stuck With Each Other, So Stick Together
A humorous book for older elementary school students about sibling relationships

Sometimes I Like To Fight But I Don't Do It Much Anymore 

by Lawrence Shapiro
Being argumentative

The ABC's of Anger 

by Ali, Ray
Strategies for anger management

The Brand New Kid

by Katie Couric
A story about accepting others and having courage

The Lion Who Lost His Roar 

by Marcia Shoshana Nass
Self Confidence

The Penguin Who Lost Her Cool 

by Marla Sobel
Anger control

The Very Angry Day That Amy Didn't Have

by Shapiro, Lawrence
Deciding to turn a potentially frustrating situation into a calm one- choosing to react calmly instead of losing your cool

Too Nice

by Marjorie White Pellegrino
A child learns that being "too nice" can lead to others taking advantage of her. She learns to be "just right nice" and stand up for herself.

What to do When You Dread Your Bed 

by Dawn Huebner
Anxiety before going to bed

What to do When You Worry Too Much 

by Dawn Hubner
Strategies for managing anxiety

What to do When You're Scared and Worried 

by James Crist
Strategies for calming anxiety

When I Feel Afraid

by Cheryl Meiners
Strategies for managing fears and worries

Words Are Not For Hurting

by Elizabeth Verdick
Children learn how to use words for good and for kindness, not for hurting others' feelings