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What services are provided?

School counseling is limited to dealing with issues that impact a student's performance in school. We work with children primarily in small groups, and sometimes in a one-on-one setting when appropriate. We also visit classrooms and coordinate lessons with teachers as-needed.

How are children referred?

Children may be referred to the guidance counselors by teachers, administrators, and parents. Sometimes children even refer themselves by telling their teacher that they want to speak with a counselor, especially when an incident (such as a conflict with a peer) occurs.

Can you provide a referral for community services?

Yes! School-based counseling is appropriate for many children; however, sometimes outside counseling is recommended when a child needs additional assistance or the issue at hand is a non-school related problem. We are more than happy to help you determine if the issue is appropriate for school counseling or if community services would be more appropriate. If outside services seem necessary, we can even help you get in contact with a provider or those services.