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At the MTES Media Center, we read, write, research, imagine, and create. We learn about strategy and critical thinking through chess and checkers.

Chess Champs  Chess Tournament    checkers  checkers  checkers


Here are some of the wonderful creations we have made with KEVA planks, giant GEARS and magnets!!

Tall Tower

     Giant Gear BicycleMagnets

Toothpick & Marshmallow Buildings!

We love to build. Look at this!Toothpick BuildingToothpick Building

Lego Cars!

Zooming Cars Building is Fun! Lego Man   We are future engineers!So proud Zoom Ramp I did this!Lego CarsLego Car

Kindergarten Students Turned Into Leprechauns on St. Patrick's Day!


Keepsake Shells for 5th Grade: Students researched famous people and famous quotes and then decoupaged the quotes on keepsake shells they painted themselves.

Keepsake Shells