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MTES Celebrates their Volunteers

MTES held their annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on Thursday, June 6th in the Media Center. Over 40 volunteers were invited. Our volunteers help our school in several ways. Many are part of the Ocean County Mentoring Program and come once or twice a week to spend lunchtime with students. Other volunteers help out our teachers in the classroom either with copying, or cutting or parties. In whatever way they help out, one thing is certain, we are very grateful to all of our volunteers for all they do for us all year long. We cannot do it without them!

Our luncheon was delicious, and was prepared by our own kitchen and Sodexo staff. Each volunteer received a certificate to thank them as well as a solar lighted jar filled with seashells. The food and gifts were funded by a PRIDE grant from the Manchester Township Education Association.

Click HERE to see the photos from the Volunteer Luncheon.