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MTES Important Updates

Good evening MTES families. Today was a great first day. We were all so happy to have children in our building and look forward to seeing our Cohort B students tomorrow. I have a few important updates that I think will help us as we move forward. 


  • If you would prefer to opt out of district transportation for your student(s) and have not already done so, please contact the Transportation Department to make that arrangement. (732) 849-2812
  • If you have already elected not to utilize district transportation for your student(s) your child will not be sent home on a bus in the afternoon, you must arrange for pick up.
  • In the event that you need to pick up a student that typically rides a bus home, please contact the main office by phone or email ( to let us know.  This will prevent your student from being placed on the bus home prior to your arrival.


  • During this time of hybrid learning please note that our teachers will be taking attendance twice during the day.  Once for students that are present in-person in our building first thing in the morning. Then again in the afternoon to adjust the attendance for students that participated in virtual learning throughout the day.  This allows our staff to identify which students are physically in the building in the event of a drill or emergency.  This means you may see a remote learning student marked as absent in the morning, but their attendance will be adjusted at the end of the day to reflect their virtual participation.

Cohort B parents/guardians, please refer to my email last night regarding Drop off and Pick up. You can use this link if you need to for information on this new procedure.

Tomorrow is Patriot Day and we are encouraging everyone to wear Red, White and Blue as we remember those lost and injured during the attacks of 9/11. Thank you for sharing your children with us each and every day. 

Mrs. Waldron