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Visiting Author, Dan Gutman, at MTES

On Wednesday, February 12th, MTES hosted a visit with award winning children's author Dan Gutman.  The Visiting Author Program is brought to all of the elementary schools by the Manchester Township PTA.  

Mr. Gutman spoke and answered questions at assemblies for our third through fifth grade classes.  Our students really enjoyed meeting him and hearing him talk about how he became an author, how he conducts research, and his writing process.  Dan answered student questions about his life and the books and characters that they have been reading about. In addition, he told the students that everyone faces rejection in life (even him) and that you just have to keep trying. It was very inspirational for the students. 

After the assemblies, 13 students had a chance to have lunch in the Media Center with Dan.  They were chosen out of a group of 50 students (from all grade levels) who wrote an essay in order to be chosen. Students had to have read books by the author (other than The Kid Who Ran for President), cited evidence of having read the author's books, and/or expressed interest in becoming an author in the future.  

Prior to the visit our entire school had read his book "The Kid Who Ran for President" as part of our One School One Book Collaboration. The PTA partially sponsored the purchase of one copy of the book to go to each family in our school, and our Media Specialist planned our reading schedule and educational activities to allow for everyone to finish reading before our scheduled visit. 

Our day concluded with our One School One Book Open House.  This year we were very lucky to be able to have Dan attend this event and sign copies of his books for our eager students!  Our Open House was exceedingly well attended once again this year. Besides getting to meet Dan, students and their families also were able to Vote for Judson Moon (The Kid Who Ran for President) in real voting machines, make their own ice cream sundaes (which was sponsored by the Manchester Township Education Association through their PRIDE program), create a patriotic craft, visit with representatives of the Manchester Branch of the Ocean County Library, pose for a photo in front of a Presidential Podium and a White House backdrop created by the MTES Art Club and purchase the sequel to the book The Kid Who Ran for President called The Kid Who Became President.

This was a wonderful event for our school which truly encourages our students to become readers which is the goal of both the Visiting Author Program and the One School One Book Collaboration.   

Check out Dan Gutman's Website or like his Facebook Page for more information on his books.