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Mrs. Waldron's Principal Blog
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Get to know Mrs. Waldron by watching this powerpoint. Learn all about how she got started in education, where she has been and what her expectations are. You can even learn about all her favorite things! Enjoy.

I hope everyone is enjoying the week off from school and using your time wisely. Rest and relaxation is very important, and so is challenging your mind. I have been reading some exciting articles and look forward to sharing them with my staff and students upon our return to school.

Hopefully you set the clocks back for Daylight Saving Time on Sunday. Now when we wake up for school it will be nice and light out. Unfortunately it also means that it will be dark soon after the school day. Less time for outdoor play, but more time for quality family time where you can all sit around the table and enjoy dinner together. This is also a good time for family games and puzzles. Whatever you do with this time, do it together and have some fun. Boys and girls, please remember to remind your parents to go vote on Tuesday. You have all learned so much about the American political system and why every vote matters, so now share this with your family and encourage them to go vote.

When we return from break it will be American Education Week. Parents are invited to join us and see what we do in school. Special hours have been set aside on Wednesday and Friday. On Friday 2-5th grade classrooms will be showcasing technology. A 21st century digital learning day awaits you. Don't miss out. Parent teacher conferences are also being held that week. Our staff is looking forward to meeting with all of you. Please remember this is a night for parents only. No students please.

The week that follows is a short one. We have an early dismissal day on Wednesday and then we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day! What a wonderful time to think about all you have to be thankful for. I know I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having and sharing my day with all of you boys and girls. I love watching your excitement when you learn something new, when you discover a new way to do something, and when you make a new friend.