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Mrs. Waldron's Principal's Blog

I have had the pleasure of reading to everyone of our 520 students this past week. Over my nine years at MTES I have used the phrase, "I Believe in You" with my students and staff. I truly do believe that they are destined for great things. Among them may be teachers, lawyers, engineers, great debaters, authors and perhaps the President of the United States. I taught them to believe in themselves and know that with hard work and perseverance they can accomplish anything their little hearts desire. Dream big and reach for the stars...and know that someone does believe in you. I found a wonderful book entitled "I Believe in You," by Marianne Richmond and went on my final book tour through the building reading to everyone and then asking them to sign their autograph in my book. It will be a treasured memory to take as I move on to my next adventure...the Life of Retirement. Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me. It has truly been a pleasure...and remember-I will always believe in you!