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Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Eligibility Requirements

  1. To be eligible for athletic competition during the first semester (September 1 – January 31) of the 10th grade or higher, or the second year of attendance in the secondary school or beyond, a pupil must have passed 25% of the credits (30) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (120), during the immediately preceding academic year.
  2. To be eligible for athletic competition during the second semester (February 1 – June 30) of the 9th grade or higher, a pupil must have passed the equivalent of 12 ½% of the credits (15) required by New Jersey for graduation (120) at the close of the preceding semester (Jan. 31). Full-year courses shall be equated as one-half of the total credits to be gained for the full year to determine credits passed during the immediately preceding semester.
  3. A pupil who is eligible at the beginning of a sports season shall be allowed to finish the season.
  4. Seniors who carry a reduced course load may participate in the second semester without accumulating 15 credits provided they are on track to graduate and are passing all of the classes in which they enrolled in at the start of the first semester. Seniors who withdraw from courses with a passing grade (WP) will be eligible provided they are carrying sufficient credits for graduation purposes.
  5. An athlete who is ineligible under Article V, Section 4. E(2) of the NJSIAA Constitution, By Laws, Rules and Regulations, may become eligible for the remainder of the spring sports season on May 1st, if he/she meets the requirements of Article V, Section 4E(2) as of that date.

The above rules are those of the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association. A local school district has the option of requiring stricter academic standards than the minimum required by the NJSIAA. In addition to the above, Manchester student-athletes are bound by the following:

Any student who is eligible under provisions 1 and 2 above, but who fails two or more subjects in a marking period will be placed on Academic Probation. This means that a student will be allowed to try out and practice with a team pending the results of the mid-marking period deficiency notice. At that time, the student must be passing all subjects. If not, he/she will be removed from the team.