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Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame Members


Barbara "Bobbie" Edwards- Class of 1978

Edward "Lenny" Williams- Class of 1978

Mark Van Tine- Class of 1981

Mark Francis- Class of 1981

Andrew "The Iceman" Valmon-Class of 1983

Kathy Gravatt- Class of 1986

Dennis Adams- Class of 1990

Kenneth Palmer- Class of 1990

Colleen Duffy- Class of 1991

Carrie-Anne Carter- Class of 1994

Coach Robert Conover

Lorena Adams- Class of 1997

CJ Anderson- Class of 1997

Ian Hahn- Class of 1998

Kevin Hester- Class of 1998

Dan Castles- Class of 2001

Kevin Malast- Class of 2005

Sonya Sullivan- Class of 2005

Jimmy Lawson- Class of 2010

Coach Harry Ferone

1998 Boys Spring Track Team

2003 Softball Team


Previous Hall of Fame Nominations

Hall of Fame Criteria

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