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Contact the
Guidance Department

Phone: 732-657-8329

Mary Ellen Fecanin (Anti-Bullying Specialist)
Grade 9

Shannon Findlow
Grade 12: A-G
Grade 11: A-G
Grade 10: A -G

Kathleen Solan (Anti-Bullying Specialist)
Grade 12: H-P
Grade 11: H-O
Grade 10: H-O

Dana Simonelli
Grade 12: Q-Z
Grade 11: P-Z
Grade 10: P- Z

Student Assistance Counselor:
David Rivera 
(Anti-Bullying Specialist)
Phone: 732-657-4595


About the Guidance Department

Manchester Township High School has a long tradition of providing students with strong guidance and counseling services. Emphasis is placed on the personal, career, and academic needs of the individual student. The program includes sequential activities designed to address the needs of all students by helping them to acquire competencies in career planning and exploration, knowledge of self and others, and educational and vocational development.

One of the major goals of Manchester Township High School Guidance Department is to create an individualized plan for each student. Counselors aim to help the students explore future opportunities and the best pathway to achieve individual goals. Students are encouraged to consider achievement, interests, and abilities when selecting courses each year. Each counselor works individually with each student to help him or her determine the course of study that will best meet his or her plans. Students are encouraged to utilize Naviance Family Connection program as they work towards their post-secondary goals.

Important Resources

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Scholarships, college planning and more. Students have login information.

Courses & Requirements
Check out our online course catalog plus information about scheduling procedures.


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