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Courses & Requirements

Graduation Requirements


MTHS Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Manchester Township High School, students are required to successfully complete the following courses:

  • 20 credits of English*
  • 15 credits of Mathematics*
  • 15 credits of Science*
  • 15 credits of Social Studies (including World Cultures, US History I, US History II)*
  • 5 credits of Health/Physical Education for each year of enrollment* (20 credits total)
  • 5 credits of World Language
  • 2.5 credits of Personal Financial Literacy
  • 5 credits of Career-Technical Art*
  • 5 credits of Visual and Performing Arts*

*Elective courses do not necessarily fill these requirements and are taken in addition to your core courses. See your guidance counselor for more information.


In addition to the above-listed curricular requirements, a student must successful pass a state approved assessment, or meet the threshold scores on a state approved substitute assessment.* Students who do not satisfy the testing requirement will be required to successfully complete a portfolio appeal with the State of New Jersey.

*Subject to New Jersey Department of Education revisions.

Credit shall be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the entire course. The student must achieve a numerical average of 70 or better as the final average. The student must also adhere to the State of New Jersey’s mandatory attendance laws.



Credit Recovery/Summer School Information

NJ State Assessment Requirements

On June 5, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) updated the high school graduation assessment requirements in both English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and mathematics for the Classes of 2019 through 2022, pursuant to an amended Consent Order from the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

The Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022

The high school assessment graduation requirements that are in place for the Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 are:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency on NJSLA/PARCC ELA 10 and/or Algebra I; or
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in ELA and/or mathematics by meeting the designated cut score on one of the alternative assessments such as other high school-level NJSLA/PARCC assessments, the SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER as defined in the chart below; or
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in ELA and/or mathematics by submitting, through the district, a student portfolio appeal to the NJDOE. Proficiency levels/cut scores for the Classes of 2019 through 2022 are specified in the chart below.

Note: Special Education students, whose Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) specify an alternative way to demonstrate proficiencies, will continue to follow the graduation assessment requirements set forth in their IEPs.

The Class of 2023 and Beyond

The NJDOE is committed to providing fair notice to students and educators and will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to transition to the next generation of statewide assessments.


NJ State Assessment Graduation Requirements

Selection of Courses

Course Selection

Selection of courses for the next school year begins in the second semester. Course selection should depend on achievement and interests. This process should not be taken lightly. The master schedule at Manchester Township High School is “student request driven” meaning the entire school schedule is based upon the sum of all students’ course selections. Many important decisions are made based upon these selections, including: decisions about which courses will be offered and which will be dropped, how many students will be in every class, and how many teachers of each subject will be needed.

Therefore, choices should reflect serious thought, and there should be little or no need for changes at a later date. At the end of the school year, students will be provided with a reminder of the courses that have been selected for the next year. Choices should be analyzed in light of final achievement in each course. If there is a need to change a course, a written request must be submitted to the Principal by June 30.

A schedule of courses will be mailed home in August. There will be a period of time in August when course change requests will be considered. This will be the only time when requests will be considered. Any course changes must be approved by the parent and principal. Because of the technicalities of trying to schedule students, it is impossible to honor all requests. For this reason, careful thought must be given to selecting alternate courses.

Preparation for College

If a student plans to enter a four-year college or university, he/she must be aware that entrance requirements vary with each institution. Individual college web sites should be visited so the student can become familiar with specific entrance criteria.

Students interested in college enrollment are strongly urged to pursue a rigorous academic schedule as every college admissions committee looks favorably upon the student who has studied beyond the minimum requirements. In addition, colleges prefer students who have been involved in co-curricular and community service activities during high school.

Almost all colleges require applicants to take either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT). It is recommended that these be taken in the spring of junior year and again in the fall of senior year.

Preparation for Trade and Industrial Employment

Students not interested in attending an academic two- or four-year college, university may choose from any of a number of post-secondary trade, or technical schools or they may begin their training while still in high school. The opportunity for training in one of a variety of trade and technical fields is provided through a shared-time program in which students study at Manchester Township High School and at Ocean County Vocational/Technical School (OCVTS). Students must submit an application and may be required to take an entrance exam.

Preparation for General Employment/Military Service

Not every student will choose to go on to higher education after high school. Some will choose to enter the work force directly, or to attend a technical or trade school. A solid foundation of academic courses is the best preparation for this career goal. Employers want workers who can communicate effectively, follow directions, and get along with other people. Therefore, challenging academic courses should be chosen.

Representatives from each of the branches of the Armed Services make frequent visits to the MTHS campus to discuss opportunities in the military.

Career Clusters

The U.S. Department of Education organizes all occupations into career clusters. Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries. The U.S. Department of Education created career clusters to assist students with career planning. Career clusters will provide students the opportunity to select courses based on their interest and decide their future career pursuits.

Career Cluster

High School Course Suggestion

Agriculture Food, Natural Resources

Intro to Foods , World Cuisine, Economics

Environmental Science, Sociology

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math


Intro to Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Elements of Design, Advanced Engineering

Intro to Business, Computer Science, Physics, History Research Seminar Honors

Arts, Video & Communication

Intro to Video, TV II, TV III, TV IV, Intro to Graphic Design, Adv Digital Photography, Intro to Art, 2D and 3D Design

Business , Government & Law

Intro to Business, Economics, Accounting, Intro to Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Law I , Law II, Sociology, Psychology


Intro to Video, TV II, TV III, TV IV, Public Speaking, Sociology, Psychology, Creative Writing, Intro to Journalism, Advanced Journalism, Career Journalism, Computer Application & Web Design, Computer Science


Psychology, Sociology, Public Speaking, Tomorrow’s Teacher


Intro to Business, Economics, Accounting, Intro to Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Law I , Law II, Personal Financial Literacy, Psychology

Health Sciences

AP Biology, Lab Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology Honors, Public Speaking, Intro to Foods, Calculus, Yoga, Weight Training, Cardio/Fitness, Psychology

Sample Student Block Schedule

Sample Student Block Schedule



Semester 1

(G day)

Semester 2 (B day)


7:10 - 8:37




8:41 - 10:10




10:14 - 12:09


World Language


12:13 - 1:38



After school help with teachers is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1:42- 2:25pm. A late bus is available for students staying for extra help.

Grading System

Numerical grades are given at the end of each marking period. Below is an interpretation of the marking system.

  • 93-100 Excellent
  • 85-92 Above Average
  • 76-84 Average
  • 70-75 Below Average
  • 69 & Below Failing
  • I - Incomplete (make-up necessary)
  • U1 - Medical Excuse
  • WP - Withdrawn Passing
  • WF - Withdrawn Failing

Students who withdraw from a class will have WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing) recorded on their transcript based on the grade at the time of the withdrawal. A WP or WF on your transcript may affect a college admissions counselor’s decision for acceptance into the college/university you have applied to.

Those students selecting Honors Courses in accordance with standards established by each department will have those courses noted on their Transcript Forms. The only required courses are those mandated by the State of New Jersey and the Manchester Township Board of Education. Thus, each student will have the opportunity to plan his/her own program in accordance with his/her educational and vocational goals.

Class Rank

  • Rank in class refers to the student’s relative position in his/her class based on a numerical average.
  • Rank in class is mainly used by colleges as one of the criteria in selecting students.
  • In order to accurately and fairly determine a student’s class rank, it is necessary to weight some courses.
  • Honors & Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been marked in the course descriptions with asterisks denoting their relative weight.

** 12 additional points added to final average of AP courses

* 8 additional points added to final average of Honors courses

Any course taken during the summer is not included in class rank. This includes remediation and enrichment classes.

Early Release/Delayed Start

Seniors in good credit status may request an early release or delayed start allowing them to have a shortened schedule. Students will need administrative approval to be scheduled with Early Release or Delayed Start. The reduced schedule option is not recommended for students seeking admission to a four-year college, as college admission officers prefer a rigorous schedule in senior year of high school.

Independent Study

Seniors who have successfully completed the full sequence of courses in a particular content area may request an Independent Study. The student is to submit a written proposal to the Principal by May 1 of junior year following the same outline as in the Program of Studies booklet to include: project description; course proficiencies; and evaluation.

Earn College Credit at MTHS

Ocean County College Dual Enrollment

Manchester Township High School in collaboration with Ocean County College (OCC) is expanding the opportunities for students to earn college credits towards a Liberal Arts Associates (A.A.). degree. Manchester Township High School students will be able to earn college credits while taking classes at the high school. Students interested in enrolling in courses to earn college credits should speak to their guidance counselor when reviewing their course selections. Students and parents would pay tuition to Ocean County College and receive an official transcript from OCC. Guidelines and information will be provided pending Board of Education approval of the program.

Potential Courses at for College Credits at MTHS:

  • Public Speaking
  • Western Civilization
  • Spanish II Honors
  • AP Language & Composition 
  • AP Literature
  • AP World History


  • AP Comparative Government
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Calculus 
  • AP Psychology
  • Intro to computer science 

Ocean County College Jump Start

Ocean County high school students have an opportunity to get a jump start on college and complete up to a semester of college during their junior and/or senior year of high school at greatly reduced cost thanks to the scholarship program created by the Ocean County College Trustees. Through this program, the cost of tuition and fees are reduced for high school juniors and seniors. Courses are offered on campus and at various high school sites including Manchester Township High School. Eligible juniors and seniors must apply to Ocean County College with the recommendation of the Principal. All juniors and seniors, who have their district’s approval, are eligible. For more information, students are encouraged to meet with their guidance counselors for approval and call the Office of Admissions and Records at 877-OCC-FIRST.

Jump Start Brochure

Jump Start Information

Jump Start Application




AP Placement Program

Manchester Township High School offers College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students who complete the AP course, participate in AP exams (in May) and earn a 3 (out of 5) can earn college credits. Deciding to take an AP course prepares high school students for the academic workload in college. When high school students take AP courses, colleges and universities know that what the student experienced in an AP class has prepared the student well for the challenges of college. Students who participate in AP courses in high school are less likely to need remedial courses in college and are more likely to complete college in four years. Students who take an AP course and participate in the AP exam also earn a higher GPA than student who do not participate in an AP program.

For more information about the College Board AP program


AP Conversation Starter.pdf

On Twitter, follow @APforStudents for program updates.

Tech Prep at Ocean County College

The College Tech Prep (TP) Program is a high school/ college/industry partnership that provides a program of study for students interested in an educational specialization with a high technology curriculum. Students interested in following a College Tech Prep course of study take a sequence of three classes, beginning in high school or at the Ocean County Vocational School, and continuing on at Ocean County College.

Manchester Township High School is a member of a countywide Tech Prep consortium that works in conjunction with Ocean County College. The purpose of this consortium is to enable students to accelerate their college studies by earning college credit for select secondary elective courses. Ocean County College offers many specific degree curricula that require such courses. Upon completion of a Tech Prep endorsed course, a student is eligible to take a corresponding college examination for college credit, provided the required paperwork is in place. See your guidance counselor for Patterns of Study for Tech Prep.

Within the Program of Studies, you will note that specific elective courses are coded with a “TP”. If you are interested in enrolling in a Tech Prep course for future college credit, please meet with your guidance counselor to review the Tech Prep programs offered by Ocean County College and to complete the preliminary paperwork.

Current Tech Prep programs include: Administrative Office Management, Accounting Technology, Allied Health, Cisco Certified Networking, Civil/Construction Engineering Technology, Communications and Communications Technology, Criminal Justice, Environmental Science, Hospitality/Food Service, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Network Support Specialist, Small Business management, Teaching Assistant/Child Care, and Visual Communications Technology.

Through articulation agreements, which are formalized transfer agreements, high school students are eligible to obtain credits at Ocean County College for the College Tech Prep courses they have completed through credit by examination, portfolio review, a specified score on a national examination or by enrolling in the OCC Jump Start Program. These credits are based upon students successfully completing a Tech Prep program at Ocean County College.

Courses that are part of the College Tech Prep program are designated by “TP”. If you plan to attend Ocean County College after graduation, please confer with your guidance counselor to determine if you can be awarded college credit for the TP courses you took at Manchester Township High School.

Credit Recovery/Summer School Information

If a grade of 69 or below is listed as the final grade, a student has not passed that class and will not earn credit.  Students can enroll in a summer school program for credit recovery.  The following options are offered:

Educere (Virtual School)

866-433-8237 MTHS school code: W3HW53TB

Course Descriptions by Department

Our course catalog is now online. Find all course descriptions and videos listed here by department.

Course Selection for 2019-20

Genesis Scheduling Procedure

Print Instructions with screenshots

Scheduling portal is open through March 25.

  1. Visit the student portal and login with your student portal credentials.
  2. Next, you will need to select the “Scheduling” tab.
  3. Once you are in the “Scheduling” tab, you will need to access the “Requests” sub tab.
  4. Now you will see the subject request selection page.  You will need to click “Request a course” on each of the subjects that you would like to take.  
  5. After clicking request a course, you will be in the course catalog screen for the subject that you selected.  This is the screen where you will make a request.  You have three options:  Priority of the request, Additional Information (comment), and Request this course.  The only required option is Request this Course.
  6. After making a request the system will bring you back to the subject selection screen.  The system will also show you all the previous requests that you made.  You can also delete a request by clicking the trash can on the right of a previous request.