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Medical Study Hall

General Information

Students unable to participate in physical education due to medically certified infirmity or injury can maintain credit in said course if they complete all the assignments indicated by their physical education teacher.

For each block period under 1 week, the student will complete two articles (two critiques for each day that they are out of class). They will be worth the point value of an absence for that day.

Students who will miss more than 1 week of physical education classes will be assigned to Apex Learning in order to earn their physical educations credits.

Study Hall Procedures

1. Each day, students will critique two (2) articles from specific databases for the daily physical education assignment. Students are expected to complete their assignment during their medical study hall period. If time remains, students are then allowed to work on other class assignments.  

2.Critique forms, including detailed instructions, can be obtained through the Medical Study Hall Google Classroom.  The class code to join is yfhxb5b.

3.At the conclusion of the period students must share their completed forms, through Classroom, with their physical education teacher. Failure to hand in an assignment will result in a daily point deduction from the physical education grade equivalent to that of an absence.  

4.Students are expected to keep track of the articles critiqued so as not to repeat the article.


***This site was inspired by Mohonasen Central School District Physical Education Department.