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9th Grade

Freshman Information

Although each year of high school presents its own unique challenges, the transition from middle school to high school is often a difficult one. The Freshman Developmental Guidance Program was developed to help “demystify” the high school experience for incoming as well as present freshman class members. It has been designed to address the academic, social, emotional and vocational growth of the individual student. A major focus of the program rests on identifying and remediating academic difficulties before they become problems. There is close articulation between the counselor, freshman teachers, and parents.

Suggested Supplies

Here is a list of school supplies that all freshmen will need. Individual teachers may require additional supplies.

  • 1 inch binder (or larger) for each academic class.
  • Pens/pencils
  • Highlighter
  • Index cards (3 X 5) lined
  • Colored pencils/markers
  • Lined paper
  • Calculator (scientific)
  • Memory stick
  • Accordion folder
  • Manilla envelope (12 x 13)


Scheduling begins during the month of March. Find Course Descriptions and selection information on the Courses & Requirements page. The course selection process is discussed during a classroom presentation given by the Grade 9 Counselor. The importance of exploring opportunities, future plans and making informed decisions about course selection is stressed.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the Grade 9 Counselor if they have any scheduling questions or concerns.

Genesis Scheduling Procedure

Print Instructions with screenshots

  1. Visit the student portal and login with your student portal credentials.
  2. Next, you will need to select the “Scheduling” tab.
  3. Once you are in the “Scheduling” tab, you will need to access the “Requests” sub tab.
  4. Now you will see the subject request selection page.  You will need to click “Request a course” on each of the subjects that you would like to take.  
  5. After clicking request a course, you will be in the course catalog screen for the subject that you selected.  This is the screen where you will make a request.  You have three options:  Priority of the requestAdditional Information(comment), and Request this course.  The only required option is Request this Course.
  6. After making a request the system will bring you back to the subject selection screen.  The system will also show you all the previous requests that you made.  You can also delete a request by clicking the trash can on the right of a previous request.

 Tips for College Bound Students

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