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Career Academies

Manchester Township High School is proud to offer a variety of academies to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students.  Our Hawk Specialized Academies focus on skill development and advanced coursework, while exploring career and academic preparation for postsecondary pursuits. Students enrolling in academy courses will be provided with opportunities in a variety of career-related experiences including shadowing, mentoring, and/or internships with local businesses. Manchester Township High School offers academies in the fields of Bio-Medical, Business, Communications Media and Music.




Bio Medical, Petri dish

Bio-Medical Academy



Business Academy

Business Academy

Participation in the the Business Academy will provide students with the opportunity to achieve mastery in their choice of business field. The academy begins with the Introduction to Business course and then allows students to choose from concentrations in; finance, business administration, marketing or general business.

Following completion of the BA requirements, successful candidates will be recognized at an award ceremony and graduation.


MTHS Communications Academy MTHS 21 Inform. Inspire. Empower.

Communications Academy

The Communication academy, will provide students with an understanding of the foundational principles of Communications, including communication process, perception, verbal and nonverbal communications and how to apply these principles in various contexts. They will also develop an understanding of various communication, journalism and media studies careers, ensuring that students can express themselves fluently and produce content across varied media platforms. The academy begins with one of four courses and then allows students to choose from classes in video production, journalism, or media studies. 

More details to follow soon.


Music Academy

Music Academy

The music academy will provide students the opportunity for advanced study and performance in music.  The certification is awarded to students who demonstrate a distinguished level of musical achievement over their four years at Manchester Township High School. Students choose the instrumental or vocal concentrations.

Following completion of the MA requirements, successful candidates will be recognized at an award ceremony and graduation.