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National Honor Society


Manchester Township Chapter

The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service.  Students who meet these standards are encouraged to apply for membership in the Spring of their Sophomore and/or Junior years. 

Membership is both an honor and a commitment.  Student members must be willing to perform many hours of service to both their school and community.  Although involved in many school and community projects throughout the year, the most visible service program is the after-school tutoring program which is available to any student who needs academic help. 

NHS Eligibility Requirements


Candidates must receive the recommendation of the administration in order to be considered for admission to the NHS.  They must also be reviewed by the entire faculty for their worthiness as role models to the rest of the student body and outside community.  Two unfavorable faculty responses eliminate the student's candidacy.


A written statement which provides evidence of demonstrated leadership must be submitted by the candidate.


A cumulative average of 93% or better is needed to be eligible for membership.  Grades below 93.0 and above 92.4 will not be "rounded up" to 93.0.


Candidates must be actively involved in at least two sports or clubs during the year prior to their application.  Their participation will be rated by their coach/advisor.