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Course Selection Instructions

Students, please review the steps below in order to schedule your classes for the upcoming 2023-2024 Academic Year.

1. Review the Program of Studies

2. Use your next year's grade level worksheets to plan for your course requests.

3. Find information about specific department/courses in the Program of Studies

4. To schedule classes follow Genesis scheduling procedures below.

Important Notes

  • Some courses require a teacher recommendation or a prerequisite course. If needed, discuss this with your teacher.
  • The following courses require applications:
    • SENIORS in good credit status may apply for early release or delayed start allowing them to have a shortened schedule. Students will need administrative approval to be scheduled with Early Release or Delayed Start. The reduced schedule option is not recommended for students seeking admission to a four-year college, as college admission officers prefer a rigorous schedule in senior year of high school.  SENIORS interested in early release can print an application HERE and submit it to administration for approval.  Early release and delayed start applications are typically due at the end of May.  

Genesis Portal Scheduling

Scheduling will be done again in the spring.


  1. Visit the student portal and login with your student portal credentials.
  2. Next, select the 'Scheduling' tab.
  3. Once you are in the 'Scheduling' tab, access the 'Requests' sub tab.
  4. Now you will see the subject request selection page.  Click 'Request a course' on each of the subjects that you would like to take.  
  5. After clicking request a course, you will be in the course catalog screen for the subject that you selected.  This is the screen where you will make a request.  You have three options:  Priority of the request, Additional Information (comment), and Request this course.  The only required option is Request this Course.
  6. After making a request the system will bring you back to the subject selection screen.  The system will also show you all the previous requests that you made.  You can also delete a request by clicking the trash can on the right of a previous request.

    • When scheduling you must request several alternative choices, so that you have options if you don’t receive your 1st choice. Lack of alternative choices will lead to a course being chosen for you.
    • Do not schedule a course you have already taken. If you do so, a different one will be chosen for you. 

Print instructions with screenshots