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MTHS ESP of the Year Theresa Zacchia

Remarks by MTHS Principal, Dennis Adams

It is my esteemed pleasure to recognize Theresa Zacchia as the "Educational Service Professional of the Year". She comes to work everyday with a smile ready to advocate for her students and tackle any challenge

She is compassionate, organized, a tireless worker, and energetic, but yet very calm. She remains cool as a cucumber when dealing with parents, students or even a crisis situation. As a School Psychologist and valued member of the Child Study Team, she is extremely knowledgeable in Special Ed law and performs her duties with integrity and enthusiasm. In addition, she has an outstanding rapport with students and staff, and remains dedicated to fulfilling her case manager responsibilities.

From the countless number of hours, we have spent working together this year, it is evident that she is a motivator, a cheerleader, and at times the child whisperer. She takes great pride in leading, guiding, and assisting students in preparing them for their future. She understands student setbacks and hurdles that come with her position yet remains a calming force for students to share their concerns.

In addition, Theresa coordinates SAT Testing, advisor for Key Club, School Safety Team, I&RS committee, and was instrumental in fundraising for Challenge Day. She performs each activity with a spirit of excellence.

Everyday her smile and genuine concern make a difference at MTHS.

Theresa, continue to support and encourage students to be better. You are a bright light at Manchester and we salute you for being an amazing individual. Congratulations again to you and your family.

Read Mrs. Zacchia's remarks here.