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MTHS Teacher of the Year Paul DeSilva

Remarks by MTHS Principal Dennis Adams

It is my esteemed pleasure to recognize Paul DeSilva as the "Teacher of the Year". He is an outstanding educator on our teaching staff. His authentic teaching strategies not only engages students, but allows them to critically think how history plays a vital role in today's society.

The quality of his work is demonstrated through a unique skill set that is seen on a daily basis. He is compassionate, organized, a tireless worker, energetic, and establishes positive relationships with students. He represents the 1% who is always willing to go above and beyond.

This accomplishment is indicative of what Mr. DeSilva does behind closed doors as a teacher, counselor, and motivator to many students. He takes great pride in leading, guiding, and assisting students in preparing them for the future. He understands setbacks and hurdles that come with being a teacher but yet remains a rock for students to share their concerns, learn life lessons, and discover how learning develops the mind.

In addition, he has an important role on our 504/I&RS committee, advisor of the Bible Club, and serves as a teacher mentor for new teachers. In each capacity, he dedicates time and energy towards helping students.

Mr. DeSilva has a strong presence in our high school. He comes to work every day with a passionate conviction and integrity to make a difference in his students' lives. I am proud to be working with an individual that displays such humbleness while having such a large impact on many students. I know this first hand as he has had a tremendous positive influence on my oldest daughter.

In closing, Mr. DeSilva makes Manchester Township High School a better place. He is one of a kind, an amazing husband, father, friend, and educator. Congratulations!

Read Mr. DeSilva's remarks here.