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Semester 1 Final Exams - Schedule Changed for Snow Day

All final exams will be moved be moved one day forward from the original schedule due to the snow day.

  • Jan. 28 - Final Exam for Part A courses in class
  • Jan. 31 Feb, 1 - Final Exam Review
  • Feb. 1 Feb. 2 - Period 1 and 2 Exams (Early Dismissal)
  • Feb. 2 Feb. 3- Period 3 and 4 Exams (Early Dismissal)
  • Feb. 3 Feb. 4 - Makeup Exams and End of Semester Procedures (Early Dismissal)
  • Feb. 4 Feb. 7 - Transition Day - No school for students

FULL EXAM SCHEDULE & NOTES (Dates not updated on this document)

New Final Exam Exemptions

For the first time, underclassmen will be able to be exempt from some of their final exams. We are excited about rewarding students for their hard work and commitment in the classroom. Traditionally, senior students have been able to earn exam exemptions for classes where they have an A average. This will remain. However, now underclassmen will be eligible for exemption in a progressive format.