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The Talon 2.0 Cyber Edition
Frog on grass, by Sam Verdi
by Samantha Verdi ‘23, Co-Editor-in Chief

It has been an honor to be able to share this knowledge with my audience, and I look forward to writing for you all next year, in my final year of high school. Have a great summer everyone!!!

Lead Back Salamander, by Sam Verdi
by Samantha Verdi ‘23, Co-Editor-in Chief

New Jersey is home to many species of toxic animals. Some are more toxic than others, but it may still be helpful to know what animals are toxic and what to do if in the presence of one. 

Moles On Display In "Molchester"
by Shawn Boyle '22

The Manchester Township High School honors chemistry classes participated in the annual making of the moles.

Moon Knight Episode Five: “Asylum”
by Val Kohan '23, Co-Editor in Chief

Breaking down Moon Knight episode five, “Asylum”, where Marc and Steven find themselves looking at their past while trying to return to the real world. This episode has one of the most heart-wrenching, dark, and tragic backstories in the entire MCU. Though the entire episode has viewers crying, the ending will shock you just as much.

Moon Knight Episode Four: “The Tomb” 
by Val Kohan '23, Co-Editor in Chief

Breaking down Moon Knight episode four, “The Tomb”, where “Marc and Steven must find balance as supernatural threats ahead look to stop them.” That ends with one of the trippiest plots in the MCU yet!!

Moon Knight Episode Three: “The Friendly Type”
by Val Kohan ´23, Co-Editor in Chief

Breaking down Moon Knight episode three, “The Friendly Type”, where “Marc is forced to work with Layla and Steven.” The episode has double the adventure, double the Steven/Marc, and ending that left fans a bit teary eyed.

Moon Knight Episode Two: “Summon the Suit”
by Val Kohan '23, Co-Editor in Chief

Breaking down the Moon Knight episode two, "Summon the Suit", where fans get more iconic Steven moments. “Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. My name is Steven with a ‘V’.” 

Red Fox at Cattus Island County Park, by Sam Verdi
by Samantha Verdi ‘23, Co-Editor in Chief

Minecraft is a singleplayer or multiplayer game that has various biomes, realms, and wildlife. While in a Minecraft world you may encounter several of these blocky animals, some being mythical like dragons or zombies and others more real like spiders and dolphins. But which ones live in New Jersey? Does the game portray them accurately? Read on to find out!

by Alexis Cervenak '23 and Abby Peluso '23

All members of the Class of 2023 are invited to submit one baby photo for inclusion in the 2023 yearbook. Read on to learn how to submit your baby picture!

Robotics Club On The Road To Internationals
by Adriana Adametz '22

The robotics club won second place in the vehicle performance portion of the 2022 Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge event on April 29 and are now headed to internationals on June 4 at the University of Maryland to compete with teams from all over the world. 

The Jersey Devil, by Wikipedia
by Sam Verdi '23, Co-Editor in Chief

This Jersey Devil article will be explaining the most probable origin of the Jersey Devil, the origin with the most evidence. In this article we will explore how the devil began as rumors about a man, how one of the spreaders of these rumors was Benjamin Franklin, how writers, fossils, and an unfortunate kangaroo all built the legend we all know today. 

Marvel’s The Defenders Saga Has a New Home on Disney+ Ft. Luke Cage (Pt. 3)
by Val Kohan '23, Co-Editor in Chief

DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and other successful Netflix Marvel shows have shifted from Netflix to their new streaming home of Disney+. The Defenders Saga is        officially canonized and fans are wondering if after Charlie Cox’s cameo, are more to come by fellow Defenders? **Part Three only talks about New York’s best bartender and indestructible man or “Power Man” AKA Luke Cage in Luke Cage.**

Manchester ESports Club Dominates National Tournament
by Val Kohan '23, Co-Editor in Chief

Congratulations to the ESports Club and Minecraft Survival Games team on competing in the Minecraft Spring Tournament. Spotlight on two star players, Samantha Verdi (Co-Editor in Chief and Nature Columnist) and Joseph Martinez for placing 9th and 5th place, “the first ever national finalists to come out of the MTHS ESports program.” says Club Advisor Ms. Yates. Read more about the players' stories and obstacles they went through to get into the playoffs.

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