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The Talon 2.0 Cyber Edition
“Lucky Leo’s Night” for the Class of 2019
by Isabel Albis

Seniors can expect an enjoyable night at Lucky Leo’s in Seaside heights on June 10, 2019. “Lucky Leo’s Night” was organized by the Manchester Township Municipal Alliance. Mrs. Racioppi, a teacher at Manchester Township High School, is helping by selling tickets to students.

Thank You, Mrs. Weber!
by Jewel Lau

After teaching at Manchester Township High School for 16 years, English teacher Mrs.Weber has decided to retire at the end of this school year.

Hawks Talent Show is May 10
by Jenna Popowitch

The date of the talent show is quickly approaching! Students at MTHS will be able to attend a talent show on May 10th at 7pm in the auditorium.

Thank You, Secretaries!
Rachel Dlug

MTHS gives thanks to our secretaries on Administrative Professionals' Day! 

About Us

The Manchester Township High School Journalism program is using a new form of relaying information to students, staff, and to the entire population of Manchester for the second school year in a row. The way society operates in the 21st century, everything is circulated around the internet, and being online has become a necessity for The Talon. With access to posting on Manchester Township School District’s website, and onto Twitter, the journalism program looks forward to continuing the opportunity of being a well-known, respected publication of news throughout the community.

The Talon 2.0 Cyber Edition leadership team is comprised of seniors Kaitlin Clutter and Donia Zawacki. With help from students enrolled in Advanced Journalism, Career Journalism, and Introduction to Journalism classes, The Talon 2.0 Cyber Edition is looking forward to improving our coverage in not only Manchester Township High School’s journalism program, but in the Manchester community as a whole.

2018-2019 The Talon 2.0 Staff:

Kaitlin Clutter and Donia Zawacki, Co-Editors In chief

Writers and Staff: Marwan Abdelgawad, Alexa Bachonski, Ariel Blumensteel, Alan Dang, Desirae Ferrara, Kaiah Guthridge, William Homenuk, Jr., Julia Horowitz, Elisabeth Hudak, Lauren Lane, Morgan Lyons, Logan Martucci, Ally Nielsen, Carley Polchak, Felicia Roehm, Joe Russomano, Nadia Sosa, Juliana Ulis, Abryanna Vega, Gabrielle Wetzel,Taylor Zuczek

Mrs. Jill Ocone, CJE, Teacher/Advisor 

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