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Boys Bowling Strikes Forward Towards A New Season

by Navit Sanchez-Delvalle '21


As winter sports start up once again, Boys Bowling begins another season and readies themselves for the coming challenges. Though unlike last season, the difficulties and restrictions of Covid-19 has been added onto the troubles of not only Manchester Township’s Bowling teams, but those of all of American schools.

“Covid has certainly made it more difficult to train.” said Allen Robison, Coach of Boys Bowling. “When talking about bowling, lane availability is crucial.  Because of restrictions, it has made it more difficult to obtain lanes for practice.”

Even with these restrictions, Coach Robinson has found some ways to cope with these restrictions along with his players. Robinson said, “We have, however, been fortunate to be able to schedule practices!” 

When asked about the possibility of the season being canceled by Covid related reasons, Coach Robinson has said that their was no reason for him or his players to only focus on matters under their own control. “We cannot control whether the season gets shortened or cancelled, so we are going to prepare for a full season, and hope to finish.”

In line with that state of thinking, Coach Robinson and his team begin to train for this new season. After coming off from a very big year last season and having some of their key players graduate last year, the boys bowling team prepares for what is to come. With many newcomers and returners filling in empty positions, Coach Robison is fully confident that they will win a majority of their games.

The members of the boys bowling are thankful for the chance to have a season this year are prepared to put their all this year. When asked why he does all this, Coach Robinson said, “I enjoy seeing all of my athletes succeed and grow.  My motivation is not only seeing growth on the playing field or in the bowling alley, but growth as an individual in everyday life as well.” 

With the assistance of Tom Famelio and Joe Bolcato as Assistant Coach/Volunteer Coaches, Coach Robinson pushes forward with his work on this season of boys bowling. 

The current team captain is Joseph Post with his assistant captain being Bryan Bonafide. Along with them, many other returning star players like Wojeich Szczech, Jacob Brush, and Nick Knipple train hard to be the best team of this season of boys bowling for Manchester Township High School.