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Call for Yearbook Photos-Virtual Yearbook Challenge Round 4

Staff Report


Welcome Back, and Happy 2021! It's TUESDAY, so that means it's ROUND 4 of the Virtual Yearbook Challenge!

Virtual/Remote Learning is a major part of this school year, and the 2021 Yearbook Editors will be devoting several yearbook pages to the virtual/remote learning experience as a way to accurately document the full, authentic story of the 2020-2021 school year. The 2021 yearbook theme is UNWRITTEN: the MTHS community is, together, living a story that has never been written before as we navigate uncharted waters while writing each day's page.

All students and staff are invited to upload photos documenting their virtual/remote learning realities for possible yearbook inclusion using this form:  . The submission window will be open for one week.

This week's categories include:

CATEGORY 7: What I miss most about going to the MTHS Building. Submit an image that represents the one thing you miss the most about going to the MTHS building.

CATEGORY 8: Mask Fashion. Take a selfie wearing your favorite face covering.

The deadline for this week's submissions is 7:00 AM on Tuesday, 1/12/2021. Multiple submissions per person, either using the same form or additional form submissions, are welcome.

Please note that submitted photos cannot contain anything inappropriate, hand signs, or filters. No screenshots or photos of ZOOM sessions. Do not submit photos that you did not take yourself.

Submissions must include and image and a caption typed in the text area below the appropriate category. Selfies accepted as long as the category is represented in your image (i.e. you can take a picture of yourself holding up a plate for the "What's For Breakfast/Lunch" category). Submissions will be accepted from current MTHS students and staff only.

Yearbook editors will select images/captions for publication in the 2021 yearbook based upon content, composition, and appropriateness of adhering to categories and theme. Those who submit photos/captions grant permission for submissions to be published in the yearbook, if selected.

If you have any questions, please reach out to editors Ally Nielsen, Felicia Roehm, Taylor Zuczek or email adviser Mrs. Ocone at

Remember, if YOU don't submit, YOU won't be in the yearbook on the virtual/remote learning pages!

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