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High Hopes for the Girls Bowling Team

by Elizabeth Oliver '21


Like many sports this year, the season length has been shortened greatly for the girls bowling team. Typically the season lasts for about two months, but because of COVID-19 restrictions, the season length was forced to be decreased. The amount of competitions that the team will have will be drastically different as teams usually plays a tournament every Saturday which is no longer possible this year. Rather, bowling will go against each team twice and there will be a Shore Conference Tournament at the end of the season. 

Even though there are only five girls participating this year all set to play varsity, there are two returning varsity players, Kara Laycock and Victoria Squicciarini, who have been deemed captains this year. The other senior this year is Helen White who has worked her way up from JV but is ready to make big contributions to the varsity team this year. The girls hope to win another division championship this year and are expecting great things out of the team. 

Coach Bryan Vargas will be coaching his fifteenth year for the bowling team but his second year for the girls bowling team and the previous boys varsity coach Joe Bolcato will be a volunteer assistant coach. Unfortunately, after 22 years of helping to coach the Manchester Hawks bowling program, Tom Famelio will not be volunteer coaching this year. We are thankful for his dedication and all of his help in making such a strong team throughout his time here at Manchester. 

After asking what motivates Coach Vargas as a coach, he says, “To see the transformation that I helped create from a student-athlete's freshman year all the way to their senior year is a wonderful thing. We pride ourselves on being impactful on the lanes, but also in life.” We hope the best of luck to the girls bowling team this year.