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MTHS Receives US Flag Flown in Afghanistan Mission

Guest Post by Mrs. Jill Ocone, CJE

Manchester Township High School has received a United States Flag that was flown specifically for MTHS in Afghanistan from US Army Spc. Ryan Tilton, MTHS Class of 2015 and Hawks Hall of Honor member currently serving in Afghanistan.

"It's the least I could do to help honor everyone who has served," Tilton said. 

The certificate reads:

Operation Freedom's Sentinel-This Flag Was Flown for Manchester Township High School. This Certificate attests that the accompanying United States Flag was flown in the face of the enemy and bears witness to the triumph over terrorist forces threatening the freedom of the United States of America and the world. It was flown in Afghanistan on the 7th day of January, 2019 on aircraft 04-080035 during a combat insertion mission in support of Operation Freedom's Sentinel. May it be an eternal reminder of the effort and sacrifices made by the men and women of the United States Military to keep our friends, families, and homes safe from all who challenge freedom.

The certificate is signed by the mission Pilot-In-Command CW4 Christopher Kerr, Pilot CW2 Juan Coria, Flight Engineers SFC Joaquin Favela and Sgt. Nicole Rezentes, Crew Chief Sgt. Joshua Pasion-Soriano, and Door Gunner Spc. Anson Daite.

The flag and certificate will be framed and displayed at the Hawks Hall of Honor. 

You can read about Tilton's mission at the article found at this link:

US Flag Flown for MTHS in Afghanistan