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Playing it Up with Boys Basketball!

by Kylie Roessle '21, The Talon 2.0 Cyber News Editor-in-Chief


The Manchester Township High School boys basketball team are persevering through COVID-19 restrictions to play a new season this year. 

Coach Ryan Ramsay is guiding the team to success while complying with new changes that came with COVID-19 restrictions. When asked about what the team is most looking forward to, Ramsay said, “Just being able to compete. With everything that’s going on with regards to COVID, getting back to normalcy in whatever capacity will be nice for our program and our players.”

Assistant and volunteer coaches Erik Lang, Evan Lang, and John Portuese are also helping the team prepare for the season. The coach’ goals for the season are simpler than previous years. “[Just] try to be competitive in every game this year. If we can defend consistently for 4 Q’s we’ll be very successful,” said Ramsay.

At this time, team captains have not been decided, but there are many returning starters such as Wyatt Haselbauer and Savon Myers who will make the best out of the circumstances and lead Manchester a successful season with help from the coaches. After all, the biggest motivation as a coach is, “Making a positive impact on my basketball player’s lives and getting a chance to continue working with a sport that I’ve been around my entire life,” said Ramsay. Good luck to the boys basketball team this season! Let’s go Hawks!


Returning Starters and positions:


5- Wyatt Haselbauer (F)

4- Josh Glenn (G)

3- Savon Myers (G)

2- Jordan DuPont (G)

1- D’Maari Brown (G)


Gavin Clark (G/F)

Sean Snead (F)

Brandon Sogness (G)

Nick Uberti (G)

Allen Mitchell (F)

Evan Weiner (F)