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"The Mandalorian" Season 2, Chapter 11 Episode Guide

by Val Kohan '23

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Disney+ original series "The Mandalorian" through Season 2, Episode 11 (originally aired on November 13, 2020). Please do not read if you have never watched the series but intend to do so. For the Season 2, Chapter 10 Episode Guide, Click HEREFor the Season 2, Chapter 9 Episode Guide, click HERE.

Chapter 11: “The Heiress,” originally aired on November 13, 2020


Din’s quest continues! As they sail for their next journey, The Razor Crest barely holds up and luckily crashes  in the waters of Trask. The Frog Lady is reunited with her husband and their limited amount of eggs, given that the Child has eaten one too many. Din finds a Quarren offering passage to find Mandalorians while a Mon Calamari fixes the Razor Crest. The Captain of the ship, a quarren, squid-like species, shows the mamacore caged on their ship, to Din. A mamacore is a ginormous creature from the oceans of Trask that feeds off meat of any species. The Captain suddenly hits the Child in the pod right into the mamacore’s mouth. Din jumps into the cage attempting to save the Child, sticking to his words, “Wherever I go, he goes.''.The Captain and the crew want to kill Din for his beskar armor, which many people are after, as well as the Child. 

Fellow Mandalorians that may be familiar to Star Wars fans come to the rescue. The episode’s title gave away a huge hint for those who followed The Clone Wars animated tv show, the “heiress” is no other than Bo Katan and some new characters, Woves and Reeves, who are part of the Nite Owls and saved Din and of course the Child from the clutches of the mamacore. 

Din doesn’t trust these Mandalorians because they do not follow "the way," meaning have removed their helmets which strays from Mandalorian code. However, Katan explains that her family’s way is different from “the ancient ways of Mandalore'', which has been followed by countless generations of mandalorians seen in The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels and they unmask whenever they please. 

Katan tells Din her team is going to raid a cargo ship holding weapons of the Empire. Katan also seeks a Mandalorian relic, the darksaber, for herself. Bo Katan rightfully owns the darksaber, as she is the heiress to it. Viewers have only seen the darksaber in The Clone Wars, when Darth Maul was the owner of it, and Star Wars: Rebels when the Mandalorian Sabine Wren was the beholder. The darksaber was last seen in the season one finale of The Mandalorian, when Moff Gideon crashed and then cut his way out of the burning tie fighter with the saber. Bringing Bo Katan into the mix, viewers are likely to find out why and how Moff Gideon got his hands on the darksaber. Din decides to raid the ship with them, and the mission goes as planned until Katan wants to take the whole ship. 

After his captain notifies him of the invasion, Moff Gideon tells the captain to sacrifice the ship with everyone on it. Din charges at multiple stormtroopers and reflects their shots with his strong beskar armor. Katan asks the Captain where the darksaber is, and  instead of telling her, he sacrifices his life in the name of the Empire. 

Thanking Din for his bravery, Katan gives him information on where he can find a Jedi to bring the Child and directs  him to the planet Calodan, where he’ll find Ahsoka Tano. 

Director of “The Heiress," Bryce Dallas Howard’s view and take on the beloved The Clone Wars character, Bo Katan, and storyline is something viewers have seen before in The Mandalorian as well as in the Star Wars galaxy. Many die-hard fans have described this episode as a live action Clone Wars episode. 

Easter Eggs you might have missed in “The Heiress” 

Viral Mon Calamari wear: The Calamari fixing the Razor Crest went viral for the sweater he was wearing a dark teal sweater. 

Familiar creatures: Mon Calamari are the same species as Grand Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) who is known for his famous one liner, “It’s a trap!”, as well as General Raddus in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 

Quarren/Mon Calamari Wars: It was interesting to see Mon Calamari with Quarren due to the history they have together. Quarren and Mon Calamari lived in the same environment, the seas of Dac. Quarren lived in the depths of the ocean while the Calamari lived in the shallows. Quarren attacked leading to the war between them, otherwise known as the long war. The Mon Calamari had the advantage and won the war. Weary of the Quarren, the Mon Calamari taught some younger Quarren the ways of their civilization. The younger generations of Quarren saw older Quarren as uneducated and grew to control themselves. Quarren and Mon Calamari have peacefully lived ever since then. 

Bo Katan actress: Katee Sackoff, who played Bo Katan in The Mandalorian, originally voiced the same character in both The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels

Imperial AT-AT: An AT-AT was repurposed into a crane seen when it pulled the Razor Crest out of the water, which were originally seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back during the Battle of Hoth. 

“Child of the Watch”- Bo Katan calls Din a “child of the watch.”Explaining The Watch is a Mandalorian cult, religiously following “the way."

History of the darksaber- The black-bladed saber was originally introduced in The Clone Wars. Tarre Vizsla is the creator of the darksaber and first Mandalorian in the Jedi Order. After her passing, the saber was safely hidden in the Jedi Temple. The House of Vizsla stole the saber during the fall of the Old Republic. Traditionally the saber was passed down to ancestors of Vizsla. The tradition was broken when Pre Vizsla was the beholder after Maul dueled her and became the new leader of the Death Watch. Maul kept the darksaber in the Nightsister lair, which Sabine Wren from Star Wars: Rebels retrieved while on Dathomir. Sabine trained with the saber with Kanan Jarrus, a trained Jedi. She went upon a quest to learn her family history. During this adventure she became the wielder of the saber during a duel with Gar Saxon. Sabine offered the saber back to Bo Katan, who was the rightful one to rule since her sister was the former Duchess. During the Great Purge, Katan lost possession of the saber and went on to lead the Nite Owls. How Gideon got his hands on the darksaber is still unknown. 

Look for The Mandalorian Chapter 12: The Siege Guide coming soon!

May the Force be with you!