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Winter Cheer - Different, but Better

by Crystal Kilfeather '21


The MTHS Winter Cheer team of 2021 is coming in this season with many obstacles that they have never faced before, but more motivation than ever to make the most of it. The Senior Leaders of the 2021 Winter Cheer team include: Madison Baca, Erika Curto, Mikaela Ivancich, Arianna Kafka and Madison Moss. 

Head coaches Dorren Ferrone and Christine Wolfman are trying to the best of their ability to provide normalcy for their athletes. According to Coach Ferrone, “We know that Cheer may be the one constant thing they have in their lives right now, and we've been able to keep many of the same traditions and practices going.” 

Covid-19 has limited the cheer team tremendously. The most significant change and challenge for the athletes is the inability to prepare their routines in the same competition style as they do every year. Coach Ferrone stated that this year they will take the time to really focus on the basics due to social distancing. Since many routines require a lot of contact, they will be focusing more on individual tumbling, motion technique, jumps, overall flexibility, and strength.

In spite of these unprecedented times, the 2021 Winter Cheer season will still include cheering at basketball games to give the players some support in the gym. The cheerleaders are most excited to still be a part of this tradition at MTHS this year. 

Even though these athletes may be facing many challenges this season, they are still prepared to adapt and do what they need to do to have a successful season.