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MTMS Guidance FAQ's

Question: Is my child in Basic Skills if they are placed in a class with two teachers?

Answer: No. Your child is in Basic Skills if he or she has a teacher recommendation in either or both Math and/or Reading Language Arts or was in Basic Skills in the past. You are contacted in writing if your child needs to be scheduled into Basic Skills.

If your child qualifies for Basic Skills, the second teacher is available for assistance. These classes run at the same pace and require that the same curriculum be followed. Therefore, if your child is not Basic Skills and is scheduled in a class with two teachers, they will receive the same level of instruction as any other class, yet may utilize the help of the second teacher if needed and if that teacher is available.

Question: Why is my child not in an Honors class?

Answer: The criteria for Honors placement is:

1) Straight A's in that subject the previous school year

2)Teacher recommendation from the Reading or Math teacher from the previous school year

No changes to a schedule can be made without the Principal's review and approval.

Question: How is Manchester Middle School dealing with the Anti-bullying laws put into place by the State of New Jersey?

Answer: We currently have an Anti-Bully Specialist on-site, a team consisting of counselors, teachers and our building Principal to discuss plans of action when an incident occurs as well as form prevention programs to educate our school population.

Question: Why are there specific locker times for students to go to their lockers?

Answer: Locker times are designated to keep grade levels separated and all students accounted for by their teachers. Each grade level has different locker times to minimize crowded hallways.

Question: Why do students have assigned seats with their classes during lunch rather than being able to choose where they can sit?

Answer: This is for security purposes and the safety of our students. If we have an emergency the staff in the cafeteria must have all student accounted for when exiting the building.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us.