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Community Resources

Ocean's Harbor House- Offer groups such as N.A, Young Men's Group, Young Women's group, Anger Management, Peer Leadership, Parent Support Group, and more. Contact them at 732-929-4001

Ocean County Social Skills Groups- Opportunities for children to feel connected and supported by peers in a safe and nurturing enviornment.

Short Term Counseling Services 732-341-1000 ext. 8437 Offers short term counseling services for children ages 6-17 who are residents of Ocean County.

Ocean County Health Dept. 732-341-9700 ext. 7603 or

St. Barnabas Institute for Prevention 732-914-3815 or is running a Family Program to educate parents, grandparents and guardians of Middle Schoolers. 732-942-5753

Tools for Teens and Adults: Different activities are at the Ocean County Library for free. Contact the Toms River Branch for upcoming events and registration 732-349-6200

Homework Help Websites

Kahn Academy-


A Math Dictionary For Kids-

Watch Know Learn-

CIA World Fact Book-

Fact Monster-

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Managing your study time-

Important Resources Available

Sign up for parenting tips and newsletter for stratgies to help keep your kids Drug Free at

Youth Helpline: -Accepts phone calls on various peer issues and family relationships. This camp hold weekend bereavement camps for children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or significant loved one.

The Cool Spot provides information about underage drinking and alcohol problems. Learning Peace brings the skills of peacemaking and conflict resolution to the
home and the classroom: skills that can be used by parents, teachers and children.

Student Assistance Resources

Marijuana Facts for Teens

Online Safety Power point presentation on internet app safety such as Kik, Ask FM, and Instagram.