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Avoiding Plagiarism

Brain Child Snatching: Copying and pasting words or phrases, or paraphrasing, without citing your sources.

Self-Plagiarism: Taking something you created in the past (research paper, writing sample, project, etc.) and re-submitting it for a different assignment.

Wild Goose Chase: Creating fake authors, fake book titles, fake page numbers, or other fake information to cite something you either made up or took from a source you are not citing.

Synonym Switcharoo: Also known as "shoddy paraphrasing." This is when you copy and paste something and, rather than put it in your own words, you simply substitute each word with synonyms while keeping the sentence structure and ideas the same.

Wholey-Quotable: Including too many direct quotes or passages from one source or multiple sources. Even if you correctly cite these sources, it is plagiarism because your paper no longer consists of your ideas but almost entirely the ideas of others.

Revealing While Concealing: Typically an attempt to cover up "Wholey-Quotable." This is when you correctly cite some sources but fail to cite others, instead passing them off as your own ideas.

The Punishable Perils of Plagiarism

The Goblin Threat - A Plagiarism Game

Research and Course Guides: Plagiarism: Goblin Threat Plagiarism Game

It's a quiet day at Lycoming...When suddely the campus was taken over by plagiarism goblins who want to destroy its academic integrity. You are the only person left who can destroy the goblins and restore order to the college. Find and click on earch goblin hidden in the room.