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Help MTMS Win a $25K Fit America Grant

Manchester Township Middle School is vying for a $25,000 grant award for Physical Education outdoor and indoor equipment, a new PE Curriculum and teacher training for its full implementation. This opportunity sponsored by Shoprite and Dannon yogurt is called "Project Fit America."

This is where we are asking for your help. This award will be granted to the top four schools out of 70 who obtain the MOST ONLINE VOTES.

The voting period is Feb 2 - Feb 28. For EVERY email address you have (home, work, school) you can vote once per day, EVERY DAY, per email address. To be competitive we need about 500 votes per day. You must be 13 years of age to vote.


The link to the voting site will be active though Feb 28.

Please, we need your support to be competitive for this incredible opportunity. When voting be be sure to use our Manchester zip code 08759.

This award would be a wonderful addition to all of the other programs we have here in Manchester. Please take a few minutes to help us if you can!