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Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Dear Parents, staff and community members,

I have received several concerns regarding a social media post made by a Middle School student. Mrs. Driber, the Middle School Principal, did send out a phone call to all Middle School parents and staff regarding this incident but I would like to provide further clarification.

First, let me state that I fully understand and appreciate parent and student concerns regarding safety in our schools. Therefore, let me take this opportunity to explain the steps the district takes in the event of a security issue. If any student either makes a threat or makes or posts a statement that can be perceived to be a threat, the police are immediately notified and in all cases the situation is investigated. Additionally, before any student is allowed to return to school, a counselor specifically trained in threat assessments is consulted. No student is allowed to return to school without a positive report from both the police and a trained counselor. Even under these conditions, additional measures may be taken before a student is allowed to return. All decisions are based on the safety of all of our students and staff and this is not compromised under any condition. These are the procedures that the district follows in each and every case. Also, in the event of a verified threat to the safety of students or staff members, this would be communicated to all parents and staff and additional security measures would be put in place.

While I cannot comment on information put out on social media, if any parent or student has information of any type of threat or situation that would endanger the safety of our students or staff, please provide this information to the police or the school district so appropriate steps can be taken.

I want to assure all parents, staff and community members that we will always base our decisions on the safety of our students, parents and staff and always with the input from professionals.

Thank you again for your concerns and for your understanding.


David Trethaway

Superintendent of Schools