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Message from the Superintendent RE: MTHS Graduation Gowns

Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni and Community Members,

Recently, I received several calls from parents asking if we were changing our caps and gown colors from blue and gold to just one color. Since then, I also understand that there have been numerous posts on social media asking that we do not change.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the suggestion of considering moving to one color for the cap and gown was discussed with me previously but was only a suggestion to consider. Before any serious consideration of any change, the high school administrators looked to get the opinions of this idea from students, staff and parents.

The input was that Hawk tradition is very important to all of our current students and parents as well as our alumni and there were strong feelings to keep the two colors at Manchester. I would agree with this opinion. A formal request to change to one color never really reached my desk nor was it ever discussed at the Board level. Due to the strong opinions received by the high school administrators from our students, staff, parents, and alumni, no request to change has been made to me. While some schools have changed to one color for caps and gowns, there was never any one specific reason for the proposal at Manchester; it was just an idea that was considered for discussion.

While this idea never really reached a level of serious discussion, I would like to thank the parents who called me to get information on this and I would also like to thank all who offered their opinion on this idea.

As always, Manchester graduates will be wearing the traditional blue and gold colors and as always, I want to thank you for continuing to support our students and our district.


David Trethaway

Superintendent of Schools