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Girl Scout Needs Sponsors for 'Hawks Pride' Project

As of August 1, Rory Dunckley has four weeks to finish her Girl Scout Gold Project, Hawks Pride. Through donations and lots of fundraising, she has raised more than half of the money needed to install a 833 square foot Hawks paver walkway onto the Manchester Township High School Athletic Fields. Despite how hard she has been working on this project for the past 10 months, she still needs to raise a significant amount of money.

In order to complete the project, and receive her Gold Award, she needs to sell approximately twelve more 3’x8’ business sponsorship banners, costing $400, that will be displayed at the Manchester Township Athletic Field for the 2019-2020 school year. If you know of any business that would be willing to purchase an advertising/sponsorship banner at the High School or would be willing to make an in kind donation, please see sponsor information

Football field snack stand tables before and after painting in blue and gold

Rory and her volunteers recently painted the snack stand tables in blue and gold.

"We need more pride in our school," Rory Dunckley, a junior a Manchester Township High School, told the Manchester Board of Education. Rory appeared at the April 17, 2019 BOE meeting to explain her Girl Scout Gold Award project, dubbed 'Hawks Pride', that aims to increase school pride with some major updates to the MTHS football stadium area and the renaming of Colonial Drive to Hawks Way.

Rory plans to install a paver patio/walkway at the main gate to the football field with 'Hawks' spelled out in the pavers. This is where the football players enter the field for games. She also plans to install a Hawk mascot statue and create a new patio around the snack stand with landscaping and space for vending tables for clubs to use during games. She has been fundraising for the project, which she estimates will cost $9,000, and said she had already raised $4,000 as of April. She is selling sponsor signs for local businesses that will be placed around the field. (see sponsor information)

Rory said she must complete the project before she graduates in 2020, but told the board that she anticipates getting the majority of it done this summer, in time for the start of school in September. For the street name change, she said she was well into the process of getting the necessary township approvals. (Update: The name change is now official!)

Hawks Way street sign

Rory has been coordinating with Athletic Director Keith Lister, who said, 'We are excited about the project and looking forward to the end result. We are also looking at whatever we can do to help."